Those Who Served

The USS IOWA “Those Who Served” collection provides snapshots and stories from USS IOWA veterans who proudly served throughout its storied service history. This will be a continuously growing Registry of USS IOWA Service where you can search for shipmates or enter information about your own service or that of a loved one. If you would like to share your experiences from your service on USS IOWA, we would appreciate the opportunity to share your story.


David Miller

Division: Easy
Rate/Rank: Chief Petty Officer
My father, who passed away in 2012, served on board the Iowa during the Korean War. He told us that those years were some of the best of his life. He ...

Shannon Allen

Division: OI
Rate/Rank: E-5
The Iowa was a Fantastic Ship to serve on. Though we experienced a Tragedy, I will always remember all good times we had as well. We visited many co...

Ken Armstrong

Division: B
Rate/Rank: BT3
When I first got my orders in 1986, I had no idea what a BB was till I asked my "A" school teacher, all he said was damn I wish I had those orders. Af...

Troy Baisch

Division: GM
Rate/Rank: FC2
I was a Tomahawk FC aboard Iowa from 1987-1989. They say you never forget your first love. So true. I've been to a lot of great commands over my 26 ye...

James Baron

Division: PAO
Rate/Rank: JOCS(SW)
Served as Leading Chief of Public Affairs Office that included shipboard television station, the print shop and the photo lab. Served with exceptional...

Michael Bassett

Division: GM
Rate/Rank: FC2
As I grow older and my sense of history grows, I am more and more appreciative of the time I spent on the Iowa. I met my life-long friend Dave Welch, ...

Moe Benghiat

Division: R
Rate/Rank: ME3
Shore duty Japan 2.5 yrs. Duty on Iowa March '51 to June 52 as a shipfitter. Took the ship out of mothballs - Hunters Point, SF. The Iowa was good du...

Kevin Benoit

Division: S-5
Rate/Rank: MS-3 plankowner
It was an HONOR to serve on her, Precom to 2wks before 6mon deploy. I've seen it all, from serving in the wardroom President Reagan's Cabinet , King O...

Morris Eugene "Mo" Bewley

Division: ?
Rate/Rank: Seaman
My Papa served on the USS Iowa during the Korean Conflict. He boarded in December 1945 in the Long Beach Harbor, where the "Big Stick" was in dry-dock...

Ron Bingle

Division: 3rd Deck
Rate/Rank: SN
Reported for duty December 1988, departed August 1990. Hightlight of my time aboard - 18 years old and hands on the helm of the world's most powerful...

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