Artifact Donations:
The Pacific Battleship Museum Collection Policy requires donated items be directly related to Iowa’s service from keel laying on June 27, 1940, to the decommissioning on October 26, 1990, and continuing through donation status with US Navy.
Thank you for interest in offering an item(s) for donation to the Pacific Battleship Center (PBC), (ex) USS Iowa BB 61.

The items we are seeking for our collection are from:

Iowa’s Wartime & Peacetime Service

Presidential service

Reserve Fleet Years

The donated artifacts accepted may include uniforms, clothing, bedding, linens, flags, medical items, printed materials, art, photographic mediums, military weaponry, models, and various military artifacts.

The Museum staff may also accept artifacts that are significant to the history of the American battleship, related generic Naval items, and items that assist illustrating the US Navy’s historical presence as “Battleship Country” (a major battleship anchorage) in the Los Angeles Area.

Please note that not all artifacts will be accepted and the acceptance of an artifact does not guarantee it will be part of either a permanent or limited PBC display.

PBC’s Museum policy regarding donations of artifacts stipulates that only the Museum’s Collection staff may accept items and issue you a signed receipt. Volunteers are not authorized to accept donations and the Collection staff may not be available at all times. Anonymous artifacts left on the Iowa will be treated as abandoned property, with their disposition being decided by PBC’s Museum staff.

If you would like to discuss the donation of an item, you may either call the Curator’s office at 877-446-9261, Ext. 713 or email If you are emailing us, please include a photo of the item.


Thank you for your support of the Battleship IOWA Museum!