Improving quality of life for military, veterans, and their families with resources and experiences.

Battleship USS Iowa is known to the public as a museum, but it is much more than that.   The ship is natural platform for veterans and patriotic civilians to come together as a community.  The comradery nourished and built provides an incredible support network to all involved.  The three pillars of veterans programs and services aboard the museum focus on honor, community, and prosperity.

We are proud to host numerous active and reserve military ceremonies, retirements, commissioning’s, pinning’s, and volunteer service days annually.  Contact for questions, to schedule a military event or  to schedule a volunteer service day.

Honor  ~  Prosperity  ~  Community



Peer to Peer & Professional

VPAN Program
Professional Support


Workshops & Referrals

Health, Physical, Social & Mental Wellness, Housing, Education, Employment and Workforce Development, Financial, Legal, Spiritual & Faith-Based, Food Security, Demographic Specific (e.g womens, LGBTQ), General Support.


Events & Programs

Memorial Day, LA Fleet Week, Veterans Day, Active & Reserve Ceremonies, Job Fairs.


Physical & Social Activities



Veteran Peer access network

Los Angeles Veterans Peer Access Network 

Battleship IOWA is the VPAN program provider for L.A. County Department of Mental Health within L.A. County Supervisorial District 4.  For more information on the program, please visit

Led by veterans for veterans, VPAN helps you navigate often complicated systems so that you receive the services you deserve.

The first-ever community-driven support network serving veterans and their families in the U.S., the Veteran Peer Access Network (VPAN) connects County departments, non-profits, the VA and LA City programs.

The network embodies the #YouMatter ideal – that veterans deserve hope, well-being and a greater quality of life as valued members of the LA County community.

Resources available include:

  • Mental Health – Treatment for trauma from combat exposure, military sexual trauma, relationship and intimacy issues
  • Substance Misuse Support – Treatment for substance use disorders, including misuse of alcohol, prescription medication and other drugs
  • Housing – Temporary and permanent housing for veterans and their families, help locating housing
  • Workforce Development and Employment – Help with developing interview skills, resume creation, job coaching, plus volunteer and job opportunities
  • Healthcare – Enrollment into VA healthcare, transportation to appointments, ensuring access to prescription medications
  • Education – Support with school enrollment, vocational training, tuition assistance
  • Miscellaneous – Food, childcare, transportation, financial assistance and more
  • Legal Services – Help with eviction prevention, discharge upgrade, applying for VA benefits, etc.
  • Social Connection/Recreation – Opportunities to connect with other veterans in a variety of settings

Additional information about VPAN’s background, mission and structure is available in its Action Plan document.

Veteran and Military Support Line – Having difficulty associated with COVID-19 or just need someone to talk to who can relate to what you’re going through? The Veteran and Military Support Line – with supports and resources for veterans, military members and their families – is here for you. Call (800) 854-7771, ext. 3, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

If you are interested in getting connected to resources yourself, please fill out the VPAN Assistance Request form. If you are interested in getting someone else connected to resources, please fill out the VPAN Referral Form. Additionally, anyone may call the Help Line at 800-854-7771 (*3 for Veteran and Military Support Line) to either request resources for yourself or for someone else. (Interested in volunteering for the Veteran and Military Support Line? Please fill out this questionnaire.)



The ship is a location of honor for both veterans and civilians.  It is an opportunity for the public to show their appreciation to those whom served, as well as an environment that reinforces pride in service.  A unique platform of patriotism that remembers the fallen and and an appreciation of service. Whether it is the simple announcing of a veteran arriving aboard ship or the production of LA Fleet Week, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day events, we continue to honor veterans daily.

USS Iowa veterans:  Visit the “Those Who Served” section to upload a photo and short service record.  Become a member of the USS Iowa Veterans association at

How can you help? Become a Plank Owner of the National Museum of the Surface Navy at the Battleship IOWA and support our growth and impact for the future.


The sense of community is critical to the well-being of everyone, but especially veterans.  Those who have served have comradery with other veterans built through training, combat, and focus.  This makes community a keystone pillar of our veterans and community programs.  This led to the formalization of Surface Navy Association “SNA” Battleship IOWA Chapter, American Legion Post 61, and the Battleship IOWA Veterans Resource Center “VRC”.  Our “VRC” provides veterans one-stop approach with the ability to easily access a Veteran Concierge, the VPAN program, a master resource list, and VSNP & VCCP Programming.  A sense of community coupled with resources and programming, provides a high impact environment aboard Battleship USS Iowa Museum.

How can you help? Become a volunteer and a part of the special community at the Battleship IOWA.


Our prosperity pillar aligns with the basic definition of “the condition of being successful or thriving”.  Veterans programs at the Battleship IOWA take into account a well rounded support system of honor, community, and prosperity.  We utilize the in-situ environment of the ship to provide a holistic approach to assisting veterans to thrive.  We continue to partner with best in class resource providers with a range of focus from skills development, job search, wellness, education, and general support.

How can you help? Donate to the veterans programs with a legacy gift, one-time or recurring contribution, or corporate sponsorship.



Phone:  888-MIL-VETS or 877-446-9261 xt. 755


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