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Annual Leadership Society

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As a member of our Annual Leadership Society, your philanthropy directly fuels our programming. Your early gift of $2,500 or more demonstrates the highest level of annual commitment to igniting curiosity, connecting communities, and enhancing understanding of America’s role in maritime peace and prosperity.



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Education Programs

Battleship IOWA is a unique in-situ experience with the backdrop of the busiest port in the nation, the Port of Los Angeles. We offer several education programs to ignite curiosity and inspire future leaders.

Philanthropic Goals

  • Achieve a 10% growth in the number of students reached across education programs by leveraging existing assets and marketing strategies, and by providing STEM Outreach programs to youth in the community who face barriers to participating in programs aboard the Battleship IOWA.


  • Students have access to one-of-a-kind experiences aboard the Battleship IOWA and leave with a greater curiosity about STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) concepts and real-world applications. We aim to build off this understanding by implementing situation-based learning opportunities, creating an environment reliant on collaboration and leadership from student peers.

Veterans Support

Battleship USS IOWA is known as a museum, but she is much more than that. The ship is a natural platform for veterans and patriotic civilians to come together as a community. The camaraderie created through connection provides an incredible support network to save and change lives.

Philanthropic Goals

  • Achieve a 10% growth in the number of veterans reached through our Workforce Development programs, leveraging relationships with military transition officers, corporate partners interested in hiring veterans, and collaborating with partners to host skill-development and networking events.


  • To deepen the impact of our Workforce Development programs, we aim to add further skill-development and on-the-job training opportunities, as well as provide access to resources such as financial literacy and credit recovery programs to support transitioning and recently transitioned service members.

Community Programs

Battleship IOWA is a community platform which helps build connections, promote civic engagement, and strengthens resilience. As a venue on the Los Angeles Waterfront, the ship hosts thousands of visitors at no charge for tours, events, and specialized training that support public safety preparedness throughout Los Angeles’ neighborhoods. The ship is also home to one of the city’s largest public events – Los Angeles Fleet Week.

Philanthropic Goals

  • Achieve a 10% growth in the number of specialized events hosted on the ship. These events can range from press conferences raising awareness of a topic connected to Freedom of the Seas, to providing a platform for first responders and other safety teams to enhance their skills and respond to crises.


  • As a step toward promoting public safety and community collaboration across the country, we aim to document the processes and strategic relationships that support successful implementation of resilience programming. U.S. cities are challenged by climate change, natural and technological disasters, and related injustices, such as terrorism. Within cities, there are at least three entities that address these challenges: emergency management, resiliency, and sustainability.


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Cash, check, and credit card donations are accepted online, by phone, and in mail.  Choose your favorite program online or tell us when donating on the phone or in mail.  Popular programs are General, National Museum of the Surface Navy, Ship Preservation, Education, Veterans, and Community Resilience.

Pacific Battleship Center, a reputable 501(c)3 non-profit organization is based in Los Angeles, CA. Affiliated brands of the Pacific Battleship Center include the top 5 rated Battleship IOWA Museum, National Museum of the Surface Navy, LA Fleet Week, and Veterans West.

Mailing Address:
Pacific Battleship Center
250 S. Harbor Blvd.
San Pedro, CA 90731

Phone: 877-446-9261 ext. 747



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