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Ignite curiosity, connect communities, and enhance understanding of America’s role in maritime peace and prosperity.


Ignite curiosity, connect communities, and enhance understanding of America’s role in maritime peace and prosperity.


Ignite curiosity, connect communities, and enhance understanding of America’s role in maritime peace and prosperity.

Education, veterans, and community programs.

Our mission is to ignite curiosity, connect communities, and enhance understanding of America’s role in maritime peace and prosperity.  We accomplish this by leveraging the Battleship USS Iowa and adjacent property as an anchor for the waterfront focused on communities.  We focus our our activities into three primary pillars; education, veterans, and community.

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Pacific Battleship Center, a reputable 501(c)3 non-profit, with a family of brands including Battleship IOWA, National Museum of the Surface NavyLA Fleet Week, Freedom of the Seas, Gravely Experience, Camp Battleship, Veteran’s West, and Vicky’s Doghouse Cafe.

picture of IOWA at LA Fleet Week

Day Education / STEM /  History Programs

The Battleship IOWA is a unique in-situ experience with the backdrop of the busiest port in the nation, the Port of Los Angeles.  We offer several programs.

  • LAUSD Day of Discovery.  A program custom tailored towards Los Angeles Unified School district with academic content being introduced via the Engineering Design Process and Scientific Inquiry Cycle.
  • STEAM at Sea.  A hands-on program that sparks interest in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.  Students participate in activities immersed in the environment of the Battleship IOWA where they can correlate subject matter with tangible examples.  The programs enhance critical thinking, problem solving, curiosity, and leadership.  Email or call 877-446-9261 ext. 706 for details and booking.
  • [Summer] STEM Adventure Camp.  Exciting ship tours and fun STEM activities focused on the successful construction, operation, and maintenance of the ship.

Virtual STEM / History Programs

Our popular STEAM at Sea program is available as a “virtual experience” sparking interest in science, technology, arts, and mathematics concepts and careers.  These programs enhance critical thinking, problem solving, curiosity, and leadership.  Learn more about our virtual programs.

Overnight Encampment Program – Camp Battleship

Spending the night aboard a real battleship, a dream for every child including parents.  A popular youth overnight program which includes a ship tour, dinner and breakfast on the mess decks, evening entertainment, and more.  Sleep in the actual “bunks” that sailors slept in during the ships service as an iconic Navy hero.  This program is popular with all youth groups including those traveling to the Catalina Island Camps, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, YMCA Adventure Guids, Young Marines, Sea Cadets, JROTC Groups, Morman Youth Program, Church Groups, and more.  Learn more about Camp Battleship, Southern California’s popular overnight encampment program.

Questions or schedule a visit / virtual / overnight

Phone:  877-446-9261 ext. 706

Improving the quality of life for military, veterans, and their families.

Battleship USS IOWA is known as a museum, but she is much more than that. The ship is a natural platform for veterans and patriotic civilians to come together as a community. The camaraderie created through connection provides an incredible support network to save and change lives.

Veterans Peer Access Network (VPAN)

Battleship IOWA is the VPAN program provider for Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health within County Supervisorial District 2 and 4. Led by veterans for veterans, VPAN helps you navigate often complicated systems so that you receive the services you deserve.  Resources available include mental health, recovery assistance support, housing, workforce development and employment, healthcare, education, legal services, social connection / recreation, and more.  If you are a veteran, military member, or family member and need assistance, please call (800) 854-7771, ext. 3 between the hours of 9am and 9pm daily.  Learn more about the VPAN program.

Transition Programs

Success in transition is based on a supportive environment, connection to a community, and a network of eager employers.  All of which we have aboard the Battleship IOWA.  We have success in transitioning service members into the civilian workforce with a multi-step training program focused on communication, core skills understanding, and relationship building.  We participate in the DoD Skillbridge program and are eagerly awaiting funding to stand up a Veterans Transition Program.  If you are a veteran and interested in an unpaid internship or volunteering to help connect to a community and network with eager employers, please reach out to


Honoring those who serve with arrival announcements, LA Fleet Week, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and “Those Who Served” for USS Iowa Veterans.  We are proud to host numerous active and reserve military ceremonies, retirements, commissionings, pinnings, and volunteer service days annually. For more information on hosting a military ceremony or veterans event onboard the IOWA please email


The sense of community is critical to the well-being of everyone, but especially veterans. Those who have served have camaraderie with other veterans built through training, combat, and focus. This camaraderie makes community a keystone pillar of our veterans and community programs. It led to the formalization of Surface Navy Association “SNA” Battleship IOWA ChapterAmerican Legion Post 61, Marine Corps Legaue Battleship IOWA Detachment, Sea Cadets, and the Battleship IOWA Veterans Resource Center “VRC”.

Contact Us

VPAN Helpline: (800) 854-7771, ext. 3
Ceremonies and Veterans Events:
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Strengthening our Community
Safety, Connection and Wellbeing, Giving Back


The ship is an in-situ environment for a variety of public safety exercises including dive, search and rescue, confined space, special operations, maritime enforcement, and more.  We are the continuity for the annual Defense Support of Civilian Agencies (DSCA) exercise during LA Fleet Week bringing together a collaboration of local, state, and federal authorities to support the Los Angeles community.

Connection and Wellbeing

Staying active and connected to a community of people is essential to leading a life full of purpose and happiness.  The Battleship IOWA culture is a place where cultures meld, knowledge is passed through generations, seniors find purpose in life, youth are able to see a path in life, and 10,000 steps per day are common place.  We invite you to become part of this special community as a volunteer in one of our many departments.  Learn more about volunteering.

Giving Back

The Battleship IOWA believes in being an anchor within the community with priority local purchasing, economic activity, and donations of tickets and event space to local non-profits throughout the year.  Battleship IOWA generates approximately $12 million in annual economic impact, donates more than 1,000 tickets for fundraisers and youth, and waives hundreds of thousands of dollars in event fees for local non-profits.  It is the least we can do for the community that has supported us since the beginning.

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Phone:  877-446-9261 ext. 747
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