A field trip to Battleship IOWA presents an array of entirely novel stimuli to the student. The features of a battleship compel their attention as it confronts them with features unprecedented in their experience. Most student visitors have never been aboard a ship of any type, much less a vintage WWII warship.

They walk through President Roosevelt’s private cabin, and climb to the Admiral’s Bridge for an unmatched seven-story vista of their historic maritime village. They participate in a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) experience coupled with history creating a well-rounded educational event.

STEAM Experience

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math

Learn New Skills

related to maritime history around the world

As they enjoy lunch in the Crew’s Mess, students begin to sense how life aboard IOWA might have been for generations of U.S. Navy sailors and they can realize and appreciate the sacrifices made on their behalf. As a museum, Battleship IOWA offers student visitors so much more than a one-dimensional viewing of art; so more than more screens or interactive games; the ship is an all-encompassing tactile artifact of their families and their community.

Pacific Battleship Center is always developing more STEAM education programs for our local schools to participate in. We have teamed up with regional partners to establish a maritime driven curriculum that is engaging and educational.

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