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Hull Preservation 2022

2022 Hull Preservation Campaign

We have a goal to raise $100,000 by Memorial Day 2022 in support of preserving the hull of Battleship IOWA, the foundation of our organization and the National Museum of the Surface Navy. We need your help today to ensure future generations can marvel at and connect with this wonder of engineering.
Battleship IOWA has approximately 1,800 feet of hull exposed to the naturally corrosive reaction at the wind and water line. Without treatment, the damage will become irreversible and the future of the ship and organization will be in jeopardy
You can make your donation using the donate button below, by mailing a check to: Pacific Battleship Center, attn: Development Dept., 250 S. Harbor Blvd., San Pedro, CA 90731 with “Hull Preservation” in the memo line, or by contacting our Development Team at 877-446-9261 ext. 747.
The National Museum of the Surface Navy at the Battleship IOWA educates all Americans regarding the role of the United States Surface Navy with an ultimate aim of increasing broad support for the Freedom of the Seas and the other critical mission areas. The museum focuses on connecting the past with the future through the core mission areas of the Surface Navy, including international relations, protecting free trade, humanitarian assistance, and technological innovation. This is accomplished through virtual and in-person exhibits, dynamic educational programming, and interactive experiences.  

The National Museum of the Surface Navy is part of the Pacific Battleship Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Tax ID #26-3934742. Your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

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