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Post-Cold War

Post-Cold War:

Following The Cold War, USS IOWA returned to the naval base at Norfolk and received a Turret Two Memorial plaque. She was decommissioned on October 26, 1990.

Jan 04

Memorial Plaque

Turret Two memorial plaque unveiled.

Apr 19

Memorial Service

Memorial Service

Turret Two Memorial Service. Memorial plaque dedicated.

May 01

Captain John P. Morse, USN Becomes Commanding Officer

Captain John P. Morse, USN Becomes Commanding Officer
Oct 26

USS IOWA Decommissioned

USS IOWA Decommissioned
Jan 01

Struck from the Naval Register

Struck from the Naval Register
Sep 24

Towed to Newport

Towed to Newport

Towed to the Naval Education and Training Center in Newport, Rhode Island.

Jan 01

Reinstated to the Naval Vessel Register and placed in reserve

Mar 08

In Suisun Bay Near San Francisco

In Suisun Bay Near San Francisco

Arrived in Suisun Bay near San Francisco on 21 April 2001 and joined the reserve fleet there, where she remained in reserve until struck again in 2005.

Mar 08

Headed to California

Headed to California

Towed from Rhode Island to begin her journey through the Panama Canal to California.

Mar 01

Federal Register places IOWA for donation

Mar 01

Vallejo Submits Final Application

Vallejo submits final application and is the only group remaining after Stockton and San Francisco groups withdraw. Navy issues letter to Vallejo group they need to show firm financing and has addressed EPA and dredging concerns.

May 24

Pacific Battleship Center Submits a Letter of Intent

Federal Register readvertises for donation applications citing Vallejo’s lack of progress. The Pacific Battleship Center in Los Angeles is the only group to submit a letter of intent. However, Vallejo remains in the competition.

Nov 18

Berth 87 – Our New Home

Port of Los Angeles Harbor Commissioners unanimous vote for Berth 87 as IOWA’s new permanent home.

Nov 21

Application for the Ship

The Pacific Battleship Center submits initial application by the November 24th deadline.

May 31

Final Application for the IOWA

Pacific Battleship Center submits the Final Application for the IOWA.

Sep 06



USS IOWA awarded to the Pacific Battleship Center by the Secretary of the Navy.

Oct 27

Towed to Richmond CA

Towed to Richmond CA

USS IOWA begins its tow to Richmond, CA for exterior refurbishment.

Dec 07

Pearl Harbor Remembrance

Pearl Harbor Remembrance

USS IOWA hosts the National Park Service for Pearl Harbor remembrance.

Dec 10

Open to the Public

USS IOWA is open to the public for the first time in many years.

Mar 05

Repainting Begins

Repainting Begins

Bay, Ship and Yacht painting company is contracted to begin work on repainting Iowa. Work will continue through the day before Iowa is towed to Los Angeles. Over 3,000 gallons of paint will be used, covering about 210,000 square feet of surface area.

Apr 19

Turret 2 Commemoration

First ceremonies for Turret 2 since ship was decommissioned.

Apr 24

Mast Re-stepped

Mast Re-stepped

Iowa’s upper mast radar platform is re-stepped. A re-stepping the mast ceremony was held with officials from the state of Iowa. Total weight lifted was 37,000 lbs. Platform is 50 ft. tall, 40 ft. long and over 50 ft. wide. Final height of the ship from the waterline to the top of the mast is 174 ft. The barge crane’s reach is barely tall enough at 194 feet.

Apr 29

Farewell to Iowa

The Big Band of Rossmoor with the Blue Stars conduct a farewell musical tribute to Iowa.

Apr 30

Donation Complete

The battleship Iowa was officially donated to the Pacific Battleship Center in Los Angeles by the United States Navy. U.S. Navy Vice Admiral W. Mark Skinner and Pacific Battleship Center President Robert Kent sign final documents transferring ownership from Navy to PBC.

May 13

Huey Lands on Aft Flight Deck

A Vietnam era UH-IH Huey helicopter landed on Iowa’s refurbished aft flight deck. The landing took place on the last day the ship was open to the public before being towed to her permanent home in San Pedro, CA. This was the first helicopter landing on the ship since 1989. The helicopter is called the 309 and is owned / operated by EMU, Inc.

May 17

New Home in LA

Port of Los Angeles Harbor Commissioners voted unanimously to create a new home for the historic battleship.

May 20

Bad Weather Prevents Departure

SS Jeremiah O’Brien holds a farewell cruise in San Francisco harbor, anticipating Iowa’s departure to San Pedro. However, bad weather prevents her departure. (O’Brien cruises by Iowa).

May 25

Berthing Arrangement

The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to approve the permit between PBC and the Port of LA for battleship Iowa’s berth and lease arrangement.

May 26

Leaves Port of Richmond

Leaves Port of Richmond

The Battleship Iowa began her journey to the Port of Los Angeles under tow by an ocean going tug; Crowley Warrior. Leaves Port of Richmond under tow – 4 tugs, crosses San Francisco Bay and passes under the Golden Gate Bridge, heading for Los Angeles.

May 30

Anchored off of LA

Anchored off the Southern California coast close to Long Beach on May 30th to have her hull scrubbed to remove any invasive species or contaminants.

Jun 02

Towed to Temporary Berth

She was towed to a temporary berth in San Pedro / Port of Los Angeles, Berth 51, 52, 53 across from the Victory ship SS Lane Victory. (Completing her last voyage on open water).

Jun 09

Towed to Permanent Home

Iowa’s final journey down the main Los Angeles channel to its permanent home at Port of Los Angeles, Berth 87, in San Pedro, CA, directly south of the World Cruise Center. Over 1,000 guests are on board as she is towed down channel.

Jul 02

USS Iowa Vets Visit

A private open house on Iowa is held for the visiting Iowa Veterans Association members and their families. During the first week in July, the Iowa Veterans Association held their annual reunion in San Pedro at the Doubletree Hotel.

Jul 04

Grand Opening

Grand Opening

The private invitation Grand Opening was held on July 4th. The Independence Day Celebration featured Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, and U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa.

Jul 05

Plankowner Celebration

Celebration (by invitation only) for Plankowners (initial supporters) who made donations to the nonprofit Pacific Battleship Center by May 20, 2012, Iowa holds an open house.

Jul 07


Iowa opened for tours as a floating museum to the general public at her new permanent home at Berth 87, San Pedro, Port of Los Angeles.

Aug 14

USS Wayne E. Meyer Tied Astern

August 14-18 : Navy Days LA featured destroyer USS Wayne E. Meyer DDG 108 tied astern of Iowa. Special tours were given to their officers.

Sep 21

Space Shuttle Flyover

USMC Major General Spiese from Camp Pendleton and Iowa’s staff repaint the USMC emblem back on 5inch gun mount number 55. Space Shuttle Endeavor atop her Nasa 747 flies directly above Iowa, on her way to LAX and her future permanent home in the Los Angeles Science Center.

Oct 22

CBS Studios Films on the Ship

CBS Studios Films on the Ship

CBS Studios was on board filming the TV series NCIS – Los Angeles. One of Iowa’s veterans is filmed as an extra (“Mac” McEnteggart). Episode to air December 18th. Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek fame was the producer.

Nov 01

100,000 Have Come Since Opening

An estimated 100,000 have now toured Iowa since opening in Los Angeles.

Nov 11

Veteran’s Day Weekend

In conjunction with the Port of LA and Mayor’s office; Veterans Day was celebrated with a Veteran’s admission to Iowa’s tour being free. Over 5,000 visit over the weekend.

Dec 25

Christmas Lights on the IOWA

Christmas Lights on the IOWA

With donations from the public, both money and Christmas lights, Iowa is decorated with many Christmas lights once again. She was a “Christmas lights” prize winner in her Cold War service years for many years at Norfolk’s Naval Base.

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