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USS Iowa Statistics


Fun facts and interesting information about the USS IOWA listed for both children and adults who want to learn more about the West Coast’s only battleship.


July 1, 1939

Laid Down

June 27, 1940


August 27, 1942


(First) February 22, 1943 through March 24, 1949; (Second) August 25, 1951 through February 24, 1958; and (Third/ Final) April 28, 1984 through October 26, 1990. 


October 26, 1990


"Our Liberties We Prize, Our Rights We Will Maintain"

Original Nickname

During WWII and the Korean War, it was the "Mighty I", and for the 1980's Cold War, it was the "Big Stick", which referred to President Teddy Roosevelt's advice: "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far."

Additional Nickname

Standard Displacement

45,000 tons

Full Displacement (1980's)

55,450 tons


887 feet, 3 inches (270.43 meters)


108 feet, 2 inches (32.97 meters)


37 feet, 2 inches (11.33 meters)


33 knots (38 mph; 61 km/h)

World War II Complement

151 officers, 2637 enlisted


  • Belt: Internal hull armor plates of 12.1 inches (307.3mm) tapered to 1.62 inches (41.1mm) on a 19-degree incline. 
  • Bulkheads: Transverse fore and aft plates of 11.3 inches (287.0mm)
  • Barbettes: Upper armor segments; abeam 17.3 (439.44mm), quarters 14.8 (375.9mm), centerline 11.6 inches (294.66mm
  • Turrets: Face-plate 17 inches (431.8mm) armor over 2.5 inches (63.5mm) of Special Treated Steel (STS). Side armor 9.5 inches (241.3mm), back armor 12 inches (304.8mm), and top armor 7.25 inches (184.2mm) ---  all over .75 inches (19.1mm) of STS plate. 
  • Decks: Main Deck ("bomb deck") armor of 1.5 inches (38.1mm) over the Second Deck (protective deck) of 6.0 inches (152.44mm). 

Armament (1943)

Armament (1984)



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