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The Battleship IOWA Interactive Mobile Tour allows visitors a first-hand experience to live and serve on this historic ship. Using authentic images, archival video and more, the seafaring adventure allows users to travel the oceans while physically on board or download beforehand gaining intimate knowledge of missions and excursions before dropping anchor. 

Languages available: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese

Download the app today in your app store by searching “Battleship IOWA”

App users see and hear fascinating stories behind the ship, its crew, and the part it played in shaping our world and our country. The Battleship IOWA Interactive Mobile Tour puts the visitor in control of their experience. Dive deep into the content of the ship and explore areas that intrigue the most.

You’ll discover crewmember stories, fun facts, ship service records, videos of her in action while using your personal device. Enjoy archival content unavailable anywhere else in the museum.

Created in 2017, the Interactive Mobile Tour will allow guests to enjoy their Battleship IOWA from anywhere. By accessing the “favorite” function, save items and stories to explore more intimately. The mobile tour has hours and hours of exciting content where there is always something new.

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