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You are about to explore and enjoy one of the most innovative online museum tours in the country today. Explore the Battleship IOWA in full 360-degree imagery coupled with videos, signage, and even Vicky the Dog in real (animated) life. Those that visit the Online Tour & Museum rave about how real in feels and how in-depth the tour is!


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The Online Tour & Museum Experience includes:

  • 360-degree imagery throughout the tour.
  • View the signs that exist on the in-person tour.
  • Find Vicky the Dog, the mischievous mascot aboard ship. Vicky is animated during the online tour.
  • Watch a treasure trove of videos throughout the tour unavailable during the in-person tour.
  • Interact with different parts of the ship throughout, as if you were in-person.
  • Enjoy the Online Tour & Museum Experience with your family and friends.
  • New additions such as the upcoming engineering tour, gun tour, and extended museum exhibits.


Want something more personalized?

  • Enjoy a Guided Virtual Tour by contacting 877-446-9261 ext. 706 or
  • Book one or more private virtual sessions with a guide, veteran, educator, and crewmember with our customized online experiences. Learn more by contacting 877-446-9261 ext. 706 or

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All of your payments and donations go towards the 501c3 non-profit Pacific Battleship Center.  We receive no government funding for operations and your support helps us to continue operating the Battleship USS Iowa as a museum and memorial in Los Angeles.

Examples of What You Will See!


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Inside a Turret

Site developed by Wicked Code, Inc. and funded by The Edward E. & Marie L. Matthews Foundation •  Photos by Rick Stipa Photography
Other photos - US Navy Archives and National Archives

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