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US Navy: Stewards of the Sea


New Interactive Exhibit!

Introducing the first interactive exhibit to be installed aboard the historic USS IOWA. This new display marks the beginning of the initial phase of our transition to become the only national museum dedicated to the men and women of the Surface Navy. The Surface Navy Museum is scheduled to open in 2025, but you can visit our new exhibit when you purchase general admission to the ship today.

Sponsored by the U.S. Navy’s Fleet Forces Command, the exhibit titled “Stewards of the Sea: Defending Freedom, Protecting the Environment,” educates visitors on the Navy’s environmental policy and initiatives.

Through a series of educational panels, displays, and interactive activities, the new exhibit provides an entertaining overview of the policies and processes of the Navy’s environmental stewardship programs. The exhibit highlights the Navy processes for protecting the marine environment, planning for environmental protection, and the technologies that are used to reduce waste.

Designed for audiences of all ages, the U.S. Navy’s environmental mascot, Stewie, shows kids how naval ships and sailors use protective measures to safeguard marine life. Interactive stations include educating visitors on hydrophone technology, teaching them how to identify various types of whales, and providing the opportunity to simulate using “Big Eyes” as a Navy lookout to protect the ship and environment from harm.

“The addition of this entertaining and educational exhibit to the battleship is exciting because it represents takes us a step forward towards the fulfillment of the purpose for the National Museum of the Surface Navy,” explained Jonathan Williams, President and CEO of the Battleship USS IOWA Museum and the National Museum of the Surface Navy.

“Touring this historical battleship gives visitors historical context into the Surface Navy and the valuable role that IOWA played in the defense of our nation and allies over nearly a half century of service. The new exhibit introduces visitors to today’s technology and the role in which the Navy plays in protecting the environment, while ensuring freedom of the seas around the globe.”

Access to the new “Stewards of the Sea” exhibit is included with the Battleship IOWA general access pass.

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