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Battleship IOWA and ROBERT C. SEAMANS: A Comparative Journey

Battleship IOWA Museum’s education team has released another cool virtual lesson for students, parents, and teachers.

What does a sailing ship have to do with a battleship? Here’s one answer to that question.

Meet the Robert C. Seamans. She is a “tall ship” from Sea Education Association / SEA Semester, based in Woods Hole, MA, and she takes college-aged students to sea for multi-week science and leadership programs – adventure learning. She is just finishing the journey across the Pacific from Hawaii to California.

Battleship IOWA made the same trek numerous times in her career, and since we just discussed fuel consumption, we thought it would be fun to compare IOWA’s capabilities with those of a modern sailing vessel.We got together with SEA’s Captain Chris Nolan for a lesson in how two very different types of ship navigate the same waters.

Watch the video, then check out some follow-up material.

When you’re finished, make sure to join our VIRTUAL EDUCATION group to catch all of our lessons. We get to bring fun and informative lessons like these to you because of our sponsor, Marathon Petroleum, and our generous donors.

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