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CEO Update December 7, 2020: URGENT NEED

Dear IOWA & Surface Navy Museum Family:

Today is a sad day for many of us, especially those whose lives and/or livelihoods are affected by this terrible pandemic. Today is also Pearl Harbor Day and ironically, the day that we must close due to State of California and LA County orders.

While we have operated safely outdoors since the end of May without a single Covid-19 case, we have been ordered to close. This resulting closure will undoubtedly set us back and without an immediate increase in donations, we will have to cut expenses and wages during the holiday season. Without your support, the decision on how much we cut and where we cut has to be made no later than December 13th.

I am tremendously sad that we have reached this point, but I am hopeful that our generous donors will help bridge the gap. We are optimistic that we can reopen by December 27th, but suspect that our closure will last until mid-January.

With this said, to provide insight to where your donations are distributed, I am laying out below what one month of critical expenses during the pandemic is by category. Please consider donating to help us avert further cuts.

  • Maintenance & Operations team including part-time janitors:  $11,600/mo or $387 per day.
  • Volunteer:  $7,100/mo or $237 per day.
  • Museum & Curatorial:  $3,800/mo or $127 per day.
  • Tour & Ticketing:  $7,900/mo or $263 per day.
  • Security:  $5,100/mo or $170 per day.
  • Sales:  $3,100/mo or $103 per day.
  • IT / Technology:  $9,500/ mo or $317 per day.
  • Insurance to cover pollution, hull, liability, etc.: $7,000/mo or $233 per day.
  • Power at reduced usage:  $5,100/mo or $170 per day.
  • Rent:  $8,600/mo or $287 per day.

We have to raise $68,800 or $2,300 per day to cover the above costs until January 13th.  Will you help?



  • These costs do not include overhead, development, or administration.
  • We have received sponsorship for operations supplies, and our Education, and Veterans programs.
  • Our crew rallied yesterday to cover the costs for us to pick up critical spare parts on the east coast. The spare parts campaign required us to get them by December 16th or quite likely lose them. Thank you to our generous crew!
  • UPS and our board member Bruce Mac Rae let me know this morning that they are donating three pallets of hand sanitizer for the safety of our crew, veterans, and guests.

I have to admit that it is very uncomfortable to continue sending appeals for support.  I can imagine that you are tired of getting them. Please know that I wouldn’t be sending them if we didn’t need your help.

We are grateful to have you as a supporter and blessed to have the best crew. Please stay safe and thank you for your support!

Jonathan Williams
President & CEO

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