CEO Update May 17, 2021


I am not going to start this message with attendance updates or the like, as frankly very little has changed since last week. Thank you for continuing to support and donate to the Hull Preservation campaign, as it will help us determine how much work can be done in 2021. Stay tuned for this week’s Hull Preservation update on Friday for current status.

We have seen a noticeable increase in activity aboard IOWA, as restrictions are loosened, crew returns, and projects are funded. A few of the projects underway include Vicky’s Dog House (food & beverage experience), an expanded veterans’ program and space, onboard tour improvements, kiosks, Freedom of the Seas planning, the Surface Navy Museum capital campaign, and planning to initiate space preparation work for the Surface Navy Museum late this year.

As we continue our strategic shift to the Surface Navy Museum, we are thankful to the staff members that have reduced their salaries and/or hours during the pandemic to ensure we recover. Many of these members continue to make this commitment as we work towards near term goals to ultimately reach the National Museum. Additionally, we have received targeted funding for some of our programs and are also marketing our numerous programs with the reopening. To support these functions, we needed to bring aboard a split-duties team member to handle some of the marketing and development functions. Please welcome aboard Matthias Leier to the crew. I am confident that you will enjoy working with him in his roles.

In the coming weeks, we will be adding additional personnel in support of our veterans’ programming. I look forward to updating you next week on these exciting new crew members, as well as the program that they will be supporting.

On the National Museum of the Surface Navy front, the IT team continues to work on the bugs with the Plank Owner system and the integration with Together We Served. We truly appreciate your patience as we troubleshoot these glitches, as ultimately it will make the system even better for the long run. Last week we had several conversations with interested campaign supporters and donors, and this week we have several more planned. It is time to build this museum and we appreciate the early support in making it happen.

I look forward to updating you on the veteran’s program changes next week and I think you will be excited! In the meantime, please continue sharing the Hull Preservation campaign with your friends and family. Also don’t forget to share and become a Plank Owner, as it is the best way to stay updated with what is happening!

Have a blessed and amazing week!

Jonathan Williams

President & CEO


P.S. You can still vote for us in the Buscaino Community Grant program! Read about our “San Pedro Fallen Veterans Memorial” proposal on our blog. Click below to vote for IOWA!

Scroll down the page to find “San Pedro Fallen Veterans Memorial.”

Use “90731” zip code when voting – you are a stakeholder!

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