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SAN PEDRO, Calif., July 26, 2023 – Battleship USS IOWA Museum, a top five museum and attraction in the Los Angeles area and future home of the National Museum of the Surface Navy, today announced the availability of unique, interative education programs that combine history with STEM education. Offered in both in-person and virtual formats, the STEAM at Sea program is designed to engage students in grades 2-8 in a variety of scientific and engineering concepts that can be related to Battleship USS IOWA.

Affectionately nicknamed “the Battleship of Presidents” due to several United States Commanders-in-Chief who have been welcomed aboard the ship over the course of her long and storied service, Battleship USS IOWA began her service during WWII and was decommissioned in 1990. The historic battleship was relocated to her current berth in San Pedro, Calif., and opened to the public on July 4, 2012, as Battleship USS IOWA Museum, where she now serves as a community platform for education, veterans, and the community.

“Thanks to our local and regional partners, we have developed a curriculum that highlights the achievements of human ingenuity in the past and present,” explained Tiffany Ellerbeck, Education Manager for Pacific Battleship Center. “Our unique STEM programs allow students to investigate and experience foundational scientific concepts with roots that date back to the time of Archemides. Discovering how these concepts not only allowed the 80-year-old battleship to be successfully constructed and operated, but continue to be utilized today, can be an eye-opening experience that creates an impactful, effective interactive learning experience.”

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Located in the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, Calif., Battleship USS IOWA Museum is one of the top five museums and attractions in Los Angeles, bringing the ship’s history to life through in-person and virtual tours and educational programs for youth. In addition to providing a natural platform for veterans and patriotic civilians to come together as a community, Battleship USS IOWA Museum provides a wide array of impactful programs and resources that support the critical needs of our military and veterans. Owned and operated by the nonprofit Pacific Battleship Center, the museum is transitioning to national museum status as the National Museum of the Surface Navy at the Battleship IOWA to open on the 250th birthday of the U.S. Navy in 2025.

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