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Battleship IOWA: Giving Tuesday 2020

The Power of Giving

Today is Giving Tuesday — a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world. This year, we’re doing something a little different.

It’s not news that 2020 has been incredibly difficult for us, but you’ve been there to see us through the challenges. Time and time again, when we’ve asked, you’ve given.

So on this Giving Tuesday, we’re changing it up: we have a couple of things to give to you!


First up

We’ve arranged something special for lovers of history and all things mechanical!

On Friday, December 4 at 12:00 PM (noon) Pacific time, Battleship IOWA curator Dave Way will host a live chat with author Thomas Heinrich about his new book Warship Builders – the first scholarly study of the U.S. naval shipbuilding industry from the early 1920s to the end of World War II, when American shipyards produced the world’s largest fleet that helped defeat the Axis powers in all corners of the globe.

Sound like a dull discussion of technical details? Not even close! Author Thomas Heinrich is an animated German with an engaging passion for his subject. His book includes twenty pages on Battleship IOWA – pages he spent ten years combing through the National Archives to compose. Thomas and Dave will chat for 45 minutes, then we’ll open the floor to your questions.

Join us for a lunchtime Zoom chat that will be a meal for your mind.

The event is free. For more details and to reserve your spot, click here.


Tried our virtual tour yet?

Our team keeps adding more bells and whistles to our innovative virtual tour. Anyone who’s visited Battleship IOWA can tell you: it’s the closest thing you can get to standing on her decks in person. (Ship smell only available in person.)

Check out our free pierside preview and feel what it’s like to stand next to this giant ship in person. View CIO and IOWA veteran David Canfield’s introductory video to learn how to use all of the tools available in the tour – even find your first “Easter egg!”

Battleship USS IOWA Museum virtual tour


Latest update

from CEO Jonathan Williams came out yesterday. He talked about the challenges we continue to face with COVID-19 protocols and the effects the pandemic has had on him personally. It’s a good read – if you have felt the weight of struggle in these last months, it will be a welcome reminder that others are feeling the same.


Join us for FREE!

Be a part of the journey from the beginning. Sign up to become a PLANK OWNER for National Museum of the Surface Navy. It’s free!

While you’re there, check out the benefits at our various sponsorship levels.



If you do any holiday shopping at Amazon, select Pacific Battleship Center as your charity of choice. Every time you make a purchase, Amazon will donate a percentage of the price to us!  Click here to find us on Amazon. Year-round, it’s a way Amazon gives back and though it’s a small percentage, every little bit counts especially!

If you are in a giving mood today, please support our annual appeal. Click here for details.

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