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Battleship USS Iowa Museum Los Angeles collects relevant artifacts to help tell the story of the ship and the Surface Navy to a broad audience.  Below you will find some of our accessioned artifacts in our collection.  Not all items are on display and are monitored according to our collections management policy.

We accept new items in the collection on a case-by-case basis.  Click here for more information.

Your visit and/or donation supports education, veterans, and community programs at Battleship IOWA Museum – a 501c3 non-profit organization.

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2D USS Iowa BB-61 Commissioning Ceremony - February 22, 1943

IOWA's crew and guests are assembled on her stern for the Commissioning ceremony. February 22, 1943 - 80-G-K-825
Looking aft - IOWA
Looking aft - IOWA's crew rings the guests seated in the center. Destroyer astern appears to be USS Wainwright DD-419. 80-G-K-823
Aerial view of IOWA
Aerial view of IOWA's bow. Note the Mk 38 Fire Control's Mk 8 radar antenna array (bottom of photo). - 80-G-K-824
Note IOWA's stack & searchlights, 5 inch guns with barrels at high elevation, quad 40mm & single 20mm gun mounts. 80-G-K-826
View from IOWA
View from IOWA's stern facing forward towards the Commissioning speakers aft of Turret 3. Feb 22, 1943 - USN photograph.
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