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March 20, 2020 – Coronavirus Impact to Battleship IOWA

IOWA Family:

As many of you know, multiple orders were issued in California yesterday to keep the population Safer at Home.  In the County and City of Los Angeles these orders were issued to go until April 19th with a possibility of extending.  This order prevents us from reopening until April 19th at the earliest.   You can view the information surrounding this order at

April 19th is always a difficult date for anyone involved with the Battleship IOWA.  April 19th is the anniversary date of the Turret 2 explosion in 1989 when 47 sailors lost their lives.  Every year we hold a service in memory of these sailors and to support those whose lives and memories will forever be affected.  Depending on how the Covid-19 situation evolves, we will adjust the memorial service to ensure that this date is not forgotten.

We are in this crisis together!  Our local, state, and federal governments are working on relief for each and every American to try and reduce the hardship.  New information and programs are being released daily.  I will try to include resources that I am aware of at the bottom of my messages, as they may be helpful to you.

Thank you to all of those that have donated to date!  We are working to keep the list updated in our e-blasts, but it may lag a few days behind.  Please reach out to Joleen at if you have any questions.

The impact is tremendous, as 69% of our revenue is generated from ticket sales, event rentals, and overnight programs.  These cover the essential costs to operate the ship including staffing, maintenance, and programs. We continue to have numerous cancellations and postponements of group tours, overnights, and event rentals.  We have suspended all non-critical Accounts Payable until we reopen or receive sufficient funding from the several funding sources we are working on. Additionally, we have eliminated all non-essential power usage for 6 days per week.  We have reduced hours and staffing to essential levels and are looking at potential further reductions to critical levels in the coming weeks, if we are unable to raise sufficient funding to carry us through for 8 to 10 weeks minimum.  Please consider donating online at or contact Joleen at  THANK YOU!

What our remaining staff is currently focused on:

  • Virtual Education Programs. The Education Team is working on virtual STEM learning opportunities to keep our youth engaged.  Our STEM Education programs are sponsored by Marathon Petroleum with additional support from LAUSD Beyond the Bell, Norris Foundation, and Crail-Johnson Foundation.  Our plan is to release these next week through YouTube and our social media networks.  If you are interested in hearing more, contact Ro Moser at
  • Iowa Virtual Tour by Guru. Download the FREE Battleship IOWA app from your Apple or Android store and enjoy a virtual tour with videos, 360 virtual photos, and a variety of content.  The IOWA Virtual Tour has content for all ages and we encourage you to enjoy it at home!
  • Compliance with “Safer at Home” Order. We began implementing a requirement for all non-essential crew to work from home beginning on March 13th.  Essential crew aboard IOWA are there to ensure the safety and security of the vessel.  There are inherent safety risks related to a floating vessel that is soft moored at the country’s largest Port complex.  We must ensure that the IOWA remains safely moored and not in a hazardous condition to our community.  Therefore, the only crew permitted at the ship are those in the Operations and Security departments.  The crew that is aboard ship are required to maintain social distancing, which is 6’ from each other at all times.
  • USNS Mercy and Surface Navy. It was announced in the media yesterday that the Governor of California requested the US Navy to deploy the USNS Mercy to the Port of Los Angeles.  Currently we are not aware of any additional details of this possible deployment.  I bring this up to highlight Humanitarian Assistance as a key pillar of the Surface Navy. This is an opportunity to educate our public on the important role of the Surface Navy, as well as the DSCA (Defense Support of Civilian Authorities) planning program during LA Fleet Week. For the past 4 years, Emergency Response personnel of all levels of government have participated in a program during LA Fleet Week to plan for a major disaster like the one presented to us today. They have an opportunity to forge relationships and learn how to work together in a time of crisis. Today, we have an opportunity to benefit from these programs to help us through this crisis.  LA Fleet Week and National Museum of the Surface Navy at the Battleship IOWA have an important role in educating the public and forging relationships for Humanitarian Disaster response such as the Coronavirus facing us today. Continue to support our Emergency Responders and Sailors during this time for the benefit of our Nation. To learn more or donate go to National Museum of the Surface Navy at the Battleship IOWA, go to  or LA Fleet Week at
  • Financing and Insurance. The Finance Team is continuing to work with the SBA, our bank, and the insurance company to help cover the gap until we are able to reopen.
  • We continue to ask for contributions to help continue the critical programs and services of the IOWA until we reopen.  Please consider a donation of any amount.  To donate, go to



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