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An Overview of the National Museum

Wondering what the new museum will be like? What sorts of stories will be included? What the galleries will be? What we mean when we say it will be built aboard the IOWA?

Let’s take that last question first: what do we mean by built aboard the IOWA? The galleries, exhibits, and features will be woven into the existing structure of two interior decks at the forward (near the bow) end of the vessel. (See diagram below.)

Rather than organizing the exhibits around a series of chronological experiences, the proposed exhibit organizes the history of the surface Navy thematically. Individual galleries will explore the surface Navy’s remarkable range of roles, including: America’s first line of defense; sentinels patrolling and protecting commercial sea lanes; pathfinders exploring the oceans; informal ambassadors overseas; and a global humanitarian assistance force.

A central gallery focusing on “Today’s Navy” will serve as the heart of the exhibit space, and the museum will highlight a variety of themes and ideas connecting the broader history to current global affairs and the future trajectory of the US Navy.

Have questions about the museum, galleries, or how you can support? Please contact Kyle Aube at or 877-446-9261 x 747. 

Galleries, Exhibits, and Experiences

  • Surface Navy Theater, a 270-degree immersive experience.
  • Introduction and timeline.
  • Today’s Navy gallery.
  • First Line of Defense gallery with exhibits including role in major wars, responses to new threats, supporting other military operations, and sustainment of the fleet.
  • Sentinels of the Sea gallery with exhibits including fighting piracy since the founding of our nation, protecting the sea lanes, African slave trade patrol, preserving international waterways, and technological innovation.
  • Pathfinder of the Sea gallery with exhibits including pioneering research, duration of voyages, improvement of safety, and locating ships and enemies.
  • Representing America Overseas gallery with exhibits including emergence as naval power, soft power diplomacy, expansion of sea power, maintaining the fleet, and larger and more powerful ships.
  • Humanitarian Assistance gallery with exhibits including extension of Navy mission, services at sea, expansion of specialized vessels, relief and casualty services, and hands-on diplomacy.
  • Highlights gallery with exhibits including great naval ships, great naval engagements, great naval innovations, and Surface Navy Association hall of fame.
  • Interactive experiences and galleries including combat engagement leadership center, Navy today globe, navigating the seas, riverine squadron, quarterdeck of honor, gun tour, engineering tour, and STEM programs.

Stay tuned. In the coming weeks we’ll be highlighting individuals galleries and presenting a more in-depth picture of what’s coming!

From Our Education Team

Ever want to spend the night on a battleship? You can bring your organized youth group, such as a girl or boy scout troop, aboard Battleship IOWA for our Camp Battleship overnight program! Our amazing education staff will welcome your group aboard for two meals, dinner and breakfast, in the enlisted crew’s mess, guide you on a two hour tour of the battleship that covers five decks, and escort you to crew’s berthing for lights out. 

Come on down for a completely unique, fun, and safe experience. Our current Camp Battleship COVID – 19 protocols include:

  • Verifying vaccination status or negative COVID test results obtained within three days of scheduled visit to participate. 
  • Requiring masks while indoors or confined spaces. 
  • Limiting the number of overall guests to 80 per program to allow for social distancing by household while in the mess deck for meals and crew’s berthing for lights out. 
  • Having hand sanitizer available throughout the evening tour route. 
  • Sanitizing eating and sleeping areas thoroughly between visits. 

If you have any questions or would like to reserve your Camp Battleship spot today, please contact our booking manager, Catherine Moreno.

Hosting An Event? Let’s Talk Outdoor Options

Event planning these days can be a challenge. We can help. We’ve got a spectacular and versatile outdoor venue with plenty of space for distancing.

Our fantail has received some major upgrades and now features virtual technology and A/V capabilities that may be used to create a hybrid event setting.

If you’re interested in learning more about our venue or would like to book your next event, please contact us by emailing or you call our Sales Manager, Catherine Moreno at 877-446-9261 ext. 706.

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