Museum Update 13 July 2022

Save The Date

We invite you to save the date for the annual Freedom of the Seas Awards Dinner taking place Saturday, October 22nd, 2022 aboard Battleship IOWA. We’ll be joined by leaders from industry, government, and community as we highlight the individuals and corporations raising awareness and taking action to support the global supply chain crisis.

Thank you for your advocacy of the National Museum of the Surface Navy.

Summer Fun On Battleship IOWA



Looking for a memorable spot for your summer party? Host it on a national treasure!

You and your guests will enjoy Battleship IOWA’s breathtaking views of the LA Waterfront, combined with incredible food and beverages. It all adds up to an unforgettable experience your guests will talk about for years to come!

Contact our Sales Manager, Catherine Moreno, for a quote today: 877-446-9261 ext 706 or email.

Overnight Stays

Join Battleship IOWA Museum for an exciting night of fun with “Camp Battleship” youth overnight encampment program. The popular youth overnight program is open year-round aboard Battleship IOWA Museum and includes a ship tour, chow on the mess decks, evening entertainment, and much more.

Email us or call 877-446-9261 ext 706 to schedule your group.

Private Tours

Curious what Battleship IOWA’s engine rooms look like? Want to see the inside of a 16″ gun turret? Thrilled by the idea of standing in spaces where U.S. presidents made history? Then our private tours are for you.

These popular add-ons sell fast, so book yours today!

Vicky’s Is Open 7 Days A Week

Did we mention food? We’ve got some of the best. 

Vicky’s Doghouse, our gourmet hot dog cafe, is open seven days a week for summer. Delicious food with an incomparable view. You can take a tour or just come aboard and grab some chow!

(Those are buffalo wing fries, in case your mouth is watering about now and you’re curious.)

Come enjoy the soft, cool breezes and bright days at the LA Waterfront. We’ll keep the lemonade cold and the fries hot for you!

Scuttlebutt This Week

Attention HISTORY LOVERS! You’re gonna love this week’s podcast.

Our guest is Dale A. Jenkins, author of the soon-to-be-released book Diplomats And Admirals. With a background in foreign relations, this former “tin can” sailor has taken a fascinating look into the complicated relationships and poor advice that shaped United States involvement in World War II during the year between the Pearl Harbor attack and the Battle of Midway.

This episode starts at the early days of the war in the Pacific and morphs into an intriguing discussion on how the geo-political ramifications of the war still affect the world today – most noticeably in dealings with nations like China and Russia.

Or click the photo below for the YouTube version.

Leave Your Legacy | National Museum of the Surface Navy

Leaving a legacy is one of the most important decisions we make during our lives. How do we want to be remembered by our friends and loved ones? How do we make sure our beliefs and passions continue to make an impact in the future?

Making a legacy gift is an opportunity for you to ensure that you will be remembered and your beliefs and passions will be sustained for the future  Additionally, if you identify your legacy gift in advance, we are able to provide benefits for you and your family to enjoy during your lifetime. In many cases, you may also receive tax benefits and income from your legacy gift.

By making a commitment now, you will be able to see how your contribution will be stewarded and you’ll be able to see your name inscribed on the Surface Navy Museum’s Quarterdeck of Honor.

Click the button below for more information.

You can also support the national museum by becoming a Plank Owner.

As a Plank Owner, your giving provides recognition and Haze Gray points to be redeemed for ship access, event space reservations, and more. Your name will be listed in the Quarterdeck of Honor, our living donor recognition display that lists your name more prominently as you support over time.

Registering as a Plank Owner entitles you to a free digital certificate. Printed certificates are reserved for Plank Owners who donate $25 or more.  As a Plank Owner, you will receive updates, invitations, and recognition as a museum Plank Owner. It may take up to 10 days for donations to reflect in your listing and upgrade your status.

The Haze Gray points system is in development to be released in 2022. All donations, volunteer hours, and numerated support will be applied to your Haze Gray account retroactively, dating back to Jan. 1, 2020.  If you choose to donate without logging in, we will strive to match your donation up to an existing record.  If we are unable to locate a record, we will create one for your contribution.

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