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Ten Year Reflections From The Richmond Crew

As we continue to celebrate ten years of Battleship IOWA’s museum ship life and all the adventures that got us here, we’d like to introduce you to three of our favorite members of the “Richmond crew” – “Electric” Bill Weinberg, Alan Markle, and Angelo Salarpi.

These hardworking characters have been involved with the ship since the earliest days and continue to drive to LA from the Bay Area several times a year to hang with their battleship family and help maintain the ship they love.

We recently caught up with them at one of their favorite spots on the ship and had a grin-inducing chat about what keeps them coming back.

(Click photo below for video.)

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Get Ready For Your Surface Navy Museum

Battleship IOWA Museum focuses on a single ship within one class of ships—battleships. Yet the public’s interest has evolved to include a broader story, now exploring America’s modern surface fleet. IOWA is certainly an iconic artifact in this chronicle, but it represents only a portion of the larger narrative.

Goals of IOWA’s expansion into the National Museum of the Surface Navy include:

  • Educating the public in the Navy’s mission of maintaining freedom of the seas.
  • Illustrating how the modern Surface Navy protects American interests from external threats.
  • Showing the Surface Navy’s role in securing and maintaining strong international relations.

We are working to identify a designer who can work with us to integrate our vision with cutting edge technology, fully immersing guests in vivid experiences of what life as a sailor is like aboard a surface Navy ship. IOWA’s unique setting provides an authentic context for visitors as they adventure through history and learn about the important role the surface Navy plays today. 

Our forward-thinking positioning will highlight the US Navy’s role as protector, responder, and innovator, leaving visitors with an improved understanding of the Navy’s range of operations that serves the nation today, and will continue to serve in the future.

Left: The Navy Today Globe will highlight the Navy’s presence around the world

Right: A simulated Combat Engagement Center (CEC) will present a scenario that requires participants to “man” different  locations within the CEC and assume assigned roles and responsibilities to successfully complete the mission at hand assigned by the ship’s XO.

A 270-degree theatre experience will immerse guests in a full surround video that emulates activities occurring aboard a surface Navy ship during critical missions in humanitarian assistance, freedom of navigation, and anti-piracy; as well as shipyard periods and work-ups.

Save the Date for the Gravely Luncheon

February is BLACK HISTORY MONTH and one of the ways we acknowledge it is to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of Vice Admiral Samuel L. Gravely. He was far more than just the first African-American to command a warship or become an admiral. To get to know him better, click here.

In honor of Vice Admiral Gravely’s achievements, Battleship IOWA will be hosting the GRAVELY EXPERIENCE STUDENT LUNCHEON on Wednesday FEBRUARY 23rd from 11:30am – 1pm. Up to 120 eleventh grade students will be welcomed aboard to enjoy a free lunch while listening to a panel of diverse individuals discuss their inspirations and motivations to break through societal barriers and find success.

The panel will be moderated by Tanya Acker, co-host of CBS’ Hot Bench and host of The Tanya Acker Show podcast. Seats will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

To request a seat for their students, school representatives must complete the following form:

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