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Operation Crush COVID Week 4: Education

When students come aboard Battleship IOWA, they enter a different world. Many of them experience both a ship and the ocean for the first time. Most discover real world applications for STEAM* concepts they’d never imagined. From our Day of Discovery program and its close cousin STEAM at SEA to our popular Camp Battleship overnight experience, we offer something for everyone!

Battleship IOWA Museum‘s commitment to the youth of our community doesn’t end where our boarding ramp touches the pier. With our shipboard offerings curtailed by the COVID crisis, we’ve expanded our virtual programming. We created a virtual education group online, developed interactive lessons, even started our own webcast series.

You’ve probably heard or read about these programs in the last few months. In this campaign we want to bring you the faces and voices of those who put in the hard behind-the-scenes work to make them possible, as well as an idea of how our students react to these programs.

*STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math

Rawan Moser, Education Manager

A former public school teacher with a passion for history, “Ro” Moser first came to Battleship IOWA on date nights with her husband Dave, a retired navy chief, who you’ll meet later in this campaign. When she saw the opening for education manager, she applied enthusiastically, went through a rigorous interview process, and got the news she’d been hired on her birthday!

Ro feels this ship is a grand icon that showcases this country’s technological advancements as well as its mission to protect our freedoms. She says that seeing these advancements and walking in a place where leaders and lawmakers of our nation once held important conversations is a great way to demonstrate to our youth what we can accomplish as a nation united.

Battleship IOWA education manager Ro Moser

“The Battleship IOWA introduces students to historical information intertwined with current events, science, and technology, making history very relevant to today’s youth. Battleship IOWA weathered [wars] and storms and stood triumphant. Supporting the mission and programs of the IOWA is your chance to be part of the story that helps the battleship remain triumphant and overcome yet another enemy, COVID-19.”

Gerardo Salazar, Education Partner

As administrator of Los Angeles Unified School District’s Office of Outdoor and Environmental Education, Gerry has been involved with Battleship IOWA for eight years. Take a couple minutes to hear what he has to say about our programs and the impact we’re having on young lives.


“[Battleship IOWA] has enriched the lives of many, many a child, and who knows how many of these children have been inspired to pursue STEM careers because of this marvel of engineering that was made with slide rules and paper – no computers back then.”

Desmond, Student

Desmond attended one of our virtual field trips back in July and was kind enough to write a review of his experience with Battleship IOWA for us. (We love your smile and your shirt, Desmond!)

Going Forward

Our education team continues to innovate and develop new ways for students to interact with the ship, both in-person and virtually.

One of these innovations is a Zoom virtual tour of the ship – an experience that makes history come alive by delivering content in a fun and unique style. It is age appropriate and engages young learners in interactive math and science problems. A special focus for older students centers around career and job explorations inspiring them to think about their plans for the future.

As Gerry Salazar mentioned in his video, we are in the process of creating a mobile education component so that students can get acquainted with Battleship IOWA wherever they are.

None of this is possible without your support. Please help us reach our goal of raising $50,000 by September 30th – school is back in session and our students need your help!



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