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Pacific Battleship Center Launches New Website For Battleship IOWA Museum

Features Include an Award-Winning App, Wallpapers & Archival Photos

San Pedro, CA (April 19, 2018) – Pacific Battleship Center, the non-profit name for the Battleship IOWA Museum, anchored in San Pedro, launches a new website. The new site, developed in partnership with Bay Area’s Wicked Code, showcases the historical institution as a museum, learning center and a legacy of the United States Navy. It also embodies a commitment to visitors, guests and members of the Battleship Iowa, known as “The Battleship of the Presidents,” to preserve the history of veterans everywhere.

The project, personally overseen by Wicked Code’s CEO Kimberly Paternoster, highlights the award-winning app (winner of the 2018 Governor’s Award for Preservation) archival wallpapers which users can download to their desktops, and videos related to the Battleship. Users, including educators, can purchase individual group tickets, read about the history of the Battleship Iowa and its importance to American history before visiting.

The new features include a clean, modern design optimized for ease of use, especially for mobile and tablet users.

“The Battleship Iowa’s purpose as a cultural institution has always been about learning and keeping the memory alive of the individuals who served and a connection to our past,” says CEO and President, Jonathan Williams. “We chose to work with Wicked Code to craft our 21st-century online presence because they match the same level of service, professionalism and dedication that the servicemen provided to our country in times of peace and confrontation. The new website will serve as a point of entry for anyone looking to learn more about the ship before visiting, during their tours and remembering the experience.”

“We are honored to have been asked to rebuild the website for the Battleship IOWA Museum and contribute to the future of an American icon,” states Wicked Code’s CEO Kimberly Paternoster. “The goal in the new site was to build an interactive online experience, giving a visitor the ability to engage in the four-war history of the ship as an addition to visiting the ship in person. Using the latest development technologies, including the ability to view on all mobile devices and supporting an award-winning app, we are more than thrilled with this website that will serve the museum many years into the future.”

Paternoster, who personally oversaw the design and implementation of the Battleship IOWA website, has 26 years of technical and leadership experience as an engineer, manager and executive in the software and internet industries. Paternoster is also the founder, CTO and Vice-President of Engineering at, Inc., an internet portal that matches up facility managers with cleaning services and of, Inc., an online auction-related that sold to She also has extensive experience with startup businesses, including Insight Development Corporation, Storm Technology, nFX Corporation and Broderbund.

The project was funded with grateful support by The Edward E. and Marie L. Matthews Foundation.

About Battleship IOWA Museum
Battleship IOWA is an international symbol of freedom and diplomacy. The “Battleship of the Presidents” history-laden service as a leading U.S. Navy surface warship portrays core pillars of the American spirit: individuality, self-reliance, national unity, overwhelming strength, civic responsibility, and technological innovation.

IOWA was launched more than 75 years ago to defend American ideals of freedom, justice and liberty. Her construction, design, and the service of her veterans reflect these principles inspiring all who visit the iconic ship. Forged in war but a guardian of peace, IOWA is now the great gray sentry of the Los Angeles Waterfront.

Today, proud veterans, their honored families, eager school children and inquisitive tourists are awed by IOWA’s powerful legacy as it continues a role in public education, and the ability to unite communities with a common purpose in our history. Teak decks and steel bulkheads echo the words and deeds of significant individuals including three U.S. Presidents, distinguished military figures, countless foreign dignitaries, and most importantly, thousands of her own heroic IOWA sailors.

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