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Veterans Resource Center

How would you like to personally honor our veterans and create a lasting legacy? With the opening of our Veterans Resource Center at the Battleship IOWA, you have a unique opportunity from now until JULY 18th to include your personal inscription or create a lasting tribute to loved ones who served their country. The welcome sign for the center will be a stunning, custom-built sign that will greet veterans and visitors as they enter the space.

A major grant has allowed us to hire eight peer navigators and complete the build-out of the Veterans Resource Center four years ahead of schedule! Located in a refurbished section of the Chief Petty Officers’ berthing at the aft end of Battleship IOWA’s second deck, this new resource will serve as the headquarters for our Veterans West program, providing offices for the programs as well as a place for veterans and their families to meet.

This eye-catching sign will make the first impression on veterans, community members, and program partners when they visit the center. It’s our chance to send a message that veterans have a support network and a family at the Battleship IOWA!

Janice Bowman, Military and Veterans Affairs at the Battleship IOWA sits down to talk about the new Veterans Resource Center.

Dr. Ron Gellis, VPAN Program Manager sits down to talk about the new Veterans Resource Center.

This image is just a mock up and is subject to change.

Below is a list of donor levels. Just click on level to be taken to their respective donation pages.

  • One-Star: $1,000 – Your name will be included on the Veterans Resource Center welcome sign alongside other one-star donors. 
  • Two-Star: $2,500 – Your name will appear on the Veterans Resource Center welcome sign with other two-star donors. Two-star level donor names will be displayed in a larger size than one-star level donors.

Want to honor your personal hero? Our three- and four-star levels offer additional lines of text on a plaque, allowing you to list your name, the name of a veteran or civilian, a military unit, squadron, ship, or branch of the armed forces active during wartime. Create an unforgettable greeting for visitors to enjoy for years to come.

  • Three-Star: $5,000 – You’ll receive a plaque inscribed with your name and two additional lines of text (total of three lines for your inscription).
  • Four-Star: $10,000 – Four-star level donors will receive a plaque featuring three additional lines of text (total of four lines for your inscription).

Every bit helps. If you are unable to give at a star level please still consider giving to support the development of our Veterans Resource Center. Just click here to enter a custom giving amount.

All donors will receive a link to an online form when the campaign closes on July 18, telling them the number of characters they will be allowed to use and confirming their inscription. All funds raised through this campaign will support Veterans West at the Battleship IOWA programs!

You’re more than welcome to donate with a check if you prefer. Please mail it to:

Pacific Battleship Center
250 South Harbor Blvd.
San Pedro, CA 90731
Attn: VRC Campaign

If you have questions or need assistance making your donation over the phone, please contact Matthias Leier at 877-446-9261 ext. 746.

Thank you on behalf of Battleship IOWA and the veterans we serve!

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