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Museum Update 13 April 2022

Hull Preservation | Spreading The Word

We’re getting closer to our achieving our goal (we matched the $5K gift!) but we still have a long way to go to hit our campaign goal. You can help by donating and spreading the word.

Speaking of spreading the word… some easy ways you can help us do that include:

  • Sharing this weekly e-mail update
  • Sharing the link to our learn about our hull preservation efforts
  • Sharing this recent article from our friends at The Daily Breeze who interviewed COO & Chief Engineer Mike Getscher about what’s happening at our waterline
  • Becoming a plank owner of the national museum

Have You Heard? | We Started A Podcast

Battleship IOWA and National Museum of the Surface Navy now have an official podcast! It launched yesterday and is available on our website and Spotify, with additional major podcast sites soon to follow.

This podcast dives into the daily challenges, sparks of passion, and unwavering dedication our crew and supporters encounter daily. We also interview thought leaders in both the public and private sectors to hear their inspirational stories and opinions on current and relevant topics.

A new episode will be released weekly. Connect with and get to know the cast of characters who give the museum its personality. Be patient with us as we learn the ins and outs of podcasting, but trust us, we’re already having a lot of fun!

Our first big question for our audience: What should we name it?

Send your suggestions to and you never know – yours just might be chosen!

Summer Is Coming | STEM Adventure Camp

Battleship IOWA is once again hosting our STEM Adventure Camp this summer! Thanks to funding provided by the Crail-Johnson Foundation, households in underrepresented areas in the Greater Los Angeles Harbor Communities can apply for a scholarship to have have their student(s) attend for FREE!! 

Camps are separated by grade and run Monday through Friday, from 9am – 12pm. Cost of attendance for a 1-week session of camp is $110 and includes all activity materials, a camp t-shirt, and daily snacks and beverages. 

Have your summer explorers join us for exciting ship tours and engage in fun STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities focused on the successful construction, operation, and maintenance of the ship. 

To apply for a scholarship, please complete the Google Form application.

To register your child as a paying participant, please complete our Camp Registration form.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Education Manager Tiffany Ellerbeck at 877-446-9261 ext. 749 or email her at

Surface Navy Museum Gallery Highlight: Representing America Overseas

Continuing with our preview of what you’ll experience when you visit the National Museum of the Surface Navy

In April 2009, news breaks that Richard Phillips, captain of the cargo ship Maersk Alabama, has been taken hostage by Somali pirates. Somalia has no navy and can do nothing to mitigate the situation. It reaches out to the US Navy, which sends in the destroyer USS Bainbridge and the frigate USS Halyburton. Aided by Navy SEALs, these ships rescue the captain, once again proving the effectiveness of the Navy as a force to deter aggression and keep peace on the seas anywhere in the world.

The Alabama incident is just one of many examples of the Navy’s largely overlooked role as global peacekeeper. This gallery will help spread the word about this fascinating and incredibly necessary aspect of the Navy’s mission, and will dive further into how the U.S.’s expansion of sea power led to the development and advancement of fleet maintenance and larger, more powerful ships.

Are You Ready?

Reminder that we’re less than two months away from LA Fleet Week!

LA Fleet Week hits town May 27-30 over Memorial Day Weekend to kick off summer in style. (Click photo for details.)

Become A Plank Owner Today

Continue to be a part of all the incredible things happening at Battleship IOWA and the expansion of our mission to become the National Museum of the Surface Navy by signing up as a Plank Owner.

National Museum of the Surface Navy Plank Owner certificate

As a Plank Owner, your giving provides recognition and Haze Gray points to be redeemed for ship access, event space reservations, and more. Your name will be listed in the Quarterdeck of Honor, our living donor recognition display that lists your name more prominently as you support over time.


Registering as a Plank Owner entitles you to a free digital certificate. Printed certificates are reserved for Plank Owners who donate $25 or more.  As a Plank Owner, you will receive updates, invitations, and recognition as a museum Plank Owner. It may take up to 10 days for donations to reflect in your listing and upgrade your status.

The Haze Gray points system is in development to be released in 2022. All donations, volunteer hours, and numerated support will be applied to your Haze Gray account retroactively, dating back to Jan. 1, 2020.  If you choose to donate without logging in, we will strive to match your donation up to an existing record.  If we are unable to locate a record, we will create one for your contribution.

NOTE: If you prefer not to donate electronically, please mail your check to:
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