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Museum Update – Nov. 18, 2022

Year-End Campaign: How You Can Make A Difference And Be A Part Of History

2022 has been a year of many milestones for Pacific Battleship Center, including Battleship IOWA Museum’s 10-year anniversary, receiving the Congressional Designation to be the National Museum of the Surface Navy, and a big investment from the State of CA.

We are excited to carry that momentum into 2023 but know that we will need your help in order to achieve the goals we have set. When you make a donation to us, you can be confident in trusting that your dollars are making a noticeable impact and improving the lives of those we reach. 

As a token of our appreciation, the first 300 donors who give $100 or more will receive a commemorative challenge coin recognizing Battleship IOWA Museum’s 10-year anniversary. 

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As a token of our appreciation, the first 300 donors who give $100 or more to the campaign will receive a commemorative challenge coin recognizing Battleship IOWA Museum’s 10-year anniversary.

National Museum of the Surface Navy logo
National Museum of the Surface Navy 

Help build the only National Museum that honors the thousands of ships and millions of sailors that maintain Freedom of the Seas by defending our oceans, protecting the flow of trade and commerce, and leading technological innovation for the benefit of the free world. 

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Veterans West

Gifts to Veterans West, the military and veteran affairs department aboard Battleship IOWA, enhances our ability to provide impactful programming and resources to thousands of military, veterans, and their families each year. You can also receive Don Francisco’s Coffee for a year by donating here.

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Provide unique and unforgettable experiences and engagements for visitors of the Battleship IOWA, immersing youth in the in-situ environment of the Battleship IOWA and sparking curiosity and interest in STEM fields. 

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Strengthen Battleship IOWA’s presence in the County of Los Angeles by supporting its involvement in disaster response readiness, first responder training, and making the LA Waterfront a destination location for diverse audiences to gather.

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Hull Preservation

Battleship IOWA has approximately 1,800 feet of hull exposed to the naturally corrosive reaction at the wind and water line. Without treatment, the damage will become irreversible and the future of the ship and organization will be in jeopardy. 

We need your help today to ensure future generations can marvel at and connect with this wonder of engineering.

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General Donations

Donating in support of our mission provides us the flexibility to allocate your gift to where it is needed most. 

We are grateful for all of our supporters, and we thank you for your consideration of making a contribution to a mission area that is important to you.

Veterans Day Celebration At Battleship IOWA

Thank you to all who participated in this year’s Veterans Day celebration. We were thrilled to welcome special guests CA Judge Eileen Moore, CA Secretary of Labor Natalie Palugyai, and LA County Department of Economic Opportunity Kelly LoBianco. Thanks also to our wonderful host, Cristina Garcia Barraza, the veteran program director at SoCal Grantmakers.

Veterans Day is special, but we’re here for our vets all year. Check out available programs here.

Thank you again to our sponsors and partners who helped make this Veterans West event possible: VPAN, SoCal Grantmakers, Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative, Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, Phillips 66, Marathon Petroleum, the Timken Foundation, American Legion Post 283, Land of the Free Foundation, Northrop Grumman, and others.

Save The Date: Book Signing Event Dec. 1st


We were introduced to author and historian Dale A. Jenkins earlier this year and were instantly fascinated by his research of the political landscape that led to many decisive moments during World War II.

We invite you to join us for the official release of Diplomats and Admirals on Thursday, December 1st at 10am on the fantail. Please use the link below to RSVP. The event is free to attend.

Diplomats and Admirals draws from now-declassified documents to tell the inside story of the events that led to U.S. Navy victories at Coral Sea and Midway. 

Dale will be joined on stage by our very own Curator/Historian Dave Way and CIO/CTO David Canfield for a discussion about the diplomacy and tactics used by forces involved in WWII, including the attack on Pearl Harbor and Battle at Midway.

A Survey For Members Of Our Sea Services

Are you a veteran or current member of our nation’s sea services: US Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard? We’d like to know what inspired you to make the commitment to serve.

We’ve composed a short survey through which you can share your experience. You have the option to fill it out anonymously, but if you choose to include your contact info, your name will be entered into a drawing to receive National Museum of the Surface Navy swag!

Click the button below to share your inspiration.

Poll: Community Events on the Fantail

Our fantail-gating nights during the MLB playoffs were so much fun, we decided to keep the idea going – and we’re putting it to you. What do you want to do next? Click the button below to tell us what you’d like to see.

Scuttlebutt Podcast | Episode 130

A few podcasts back we got into a discussion about the origins of the word “scuttlebutt.” A lot of you looked it up and dropped the meaning in the comments, so we decided to dedicate this week’s podcast to ship lingo.

We start by explaining a few good ones, then put the sailors in the crowd to the test with a list of terms they had to explain on the fly.

Did we stump them? Tune in and find out.

Know any great terms we missed? Drop them in the comments!

Find it wherever you get your podcasts or here:

Or click below to access the YouTube version.

NOTE: If you prefer not to donate electronically, please mail your check to:
Attention: Development Department, 250 S. Harbor Blvd., San Pedro, CA 90731

Thank you to our 2021 donors for their generosity and support. Want to know how your donations are making a difference? Check out our ANNUAL REPORT here.

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