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Welding, Surveying, Footballing, Sleeping Over… So much in this week’s January wrap-up

Paco Olvera

Paco Olvera has discovered a passion. Catch him when he’s not focused on a task and he’ll start gushing about new skills he’s developed in his two years with our ops team, the work he’s getting to do, and the amazing people whose knowledge and experience he’s absorbing.

He credits Mary Ma-Stoddard for coaching him in painting and George Musulin for instruction in electrical systems, but he really lights up when he speaks of Chief Dave Moser.

You see, this polite, soft-spoken Pedro kid has had a dream since high school: he wants to become a welder. He’s thrilled not only to be having the chance to learn it as part of his job here at IOWA, but to have a skilled mentor in Chief Moser.

It gets better. He recently was able to take advantage of an endowment the ship received from Associated Foundations that provides enrichment training. This endowment allowed us to give Paco – as well as members of the veteran community – the opportunity to get certified as a welder. 

National Museum of the Surface Navy Plank Owner certificate

Paco welding

National Museum of the Surface Navy Plank Owner certificate

ReIgnite Hope trailer

That training and certification was done in a specialized trailer… right on our dock. It was provided by the good folks at Reignite Hope, an organization on a mission to train students for a career in welding, get them certified in the welding trade, and assist them with job placement.

Not that Paco needs help with a job at present. We’re having fun watching him grow and planning to hold onto him as long as we can!

To support the efforts of our ops team and to make more skill development resources available to our youth, veterans, and community members, you can make a donation to our programs by clicking the button below.

Does IOWA Inspire You To Learn About Iowa?

​Battleships, by tradition, were named for U.S. states. BB-61 IOWA has proudly represented her namesake for over 80 years.

You know a lot about the seagoing IOWA, but what do you know about the state of Iowa? Did a visit to the ship make you curious about the state? Are you getting curious right now?

Iowa has been incredibly good to IOWA since Pacific Battleship Center received her from the Navy. We’d like to know how much interest we’re driving their way.

Help us find out by filling out the quick five-question survey linked in the button below. Thanks in advance for your time and effort!

Fantail Football:

The Kansas City Chiefs are taking on the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, Feb. 11 in Super Bowl LVIII. Looking for a cool place to watch the action? May we suggest our fantail? LED wall, great harbor views, and super food!

Vicky’s Doghouse will be offering the following specials in addition to regular menu items:

  • $3 Hot Dogs (1/2 priced plain dogs)
  • $4 Chili Cheese Fries & Tater Tots
  • $5 Beer
  • $15 Beer Pitcher

Free to attend and enjoy! (Click the photo for info on parking.)


child on educational field trip to Battleship Iowa in San Pedro CA

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