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Museum Update: Sept. 5, 2023


The meeting last Thursday went well. Few people spoke out against the proposal to move the IOWA to West Harbor. An urban planner expressed concern about the ship’s large size blocking the view, but that was about it.  

I delivered a binder assembled by IOWA volunteer Larry Olson of approximately 200 letters to Port staff and they mentioned that they had received additional letters direct to the port.

Now we wait to see what happens. Thank you all for your support! 


If you’ve been following us over the last few months, you know we rotated Turret 3 at the end of June. That operation had a greater purpose than simply to do it (although we’ll admit, watching T-3 spin was extremely fun and inspiring). We turned the turret to get to what’s known as a “strike down hatch” on the port side of the barbette.

That hatch allows projectiles for the 16″ guns to be lowered into the ship’s interior and subsequently into her turrets. The process is quite involved and no one has moved a shell this way in over thirty years.

Our team has done thorough research, consulted manuals, and brought in retired crew members to learn the safest, most efficient ways to lower or “strike down” practice rounds that have been on display on our pier for years. After a lot of work, we finally were able to move the first one.

But why are we sending them below? Click the photo below for a video that explains our intentions, as well as shows highlights of the route each round will take as it moves from deck to its new home inside Turret 1.

Want to see more epic maintenance projects like this one happen aboard Battleship IOWA? Hit the button below to support our team!


child on educational field trip to Battleship Iowa in San Pedro CA

Join the Battleship IOWA crew on Saturday, October 28th from 6pm – 10pm for our third annual Halloween STEMebration! Have a safe and fun experience aboard the ship for FREE!

  • Six Candy Stations
  • Game Stations
    • Witch’s Ring Toss
    • Boooo-wling
    • Spider Rockets
    • Eyeball Bounce
    • Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss
  • STEM/Craft Stations
    • Halloween Simple Circuits
    • Spooky Tangrams
    • Slime Factory
    • Candy Tower Challenge
  • Spooky Reading Corner
    • 6:20pm – Book TBD
    • 6:40pm – Book TBD
  • Franklin’s Marionettes on the fantail stage – Presented by the Port of LA
    • 7:00pm
  • Family Halloween Movie on the fantail (seating available on a first come, first served basis)
    • 8:00pm

This event is open to the community thanks to the support from our generous sponsors: Marathon Petroleum, Crail-Johnson Foundation, Norris Foundation, Port of Los Angeles, Port of Los Angeles Police Department, Black Knight Patrol, LA County Board of Supervisors Chair Janice Hahn.


child on educational field trip to Battleship Iowa in San Pedro CA

Sundays and Mondays

child on educational field trip to Battleship Iowa in San Pedro CA

October 20-21

child on educational field trip to Battleship Iowa in San Pedro CA

November 10, 7:30 PM

child on educational field trip to Battleship Iowa in San Pedro CA

December 1-2

NOTE: If you prefer not to donate electronically, please mail your check to:
Attention: Development Department, 250 S. Harbor Blvd., San Pedro, CA 90731

Thank you to our 2022 donors for their generosity and support. Want to know how your donations are making a difference? Check out our ANNUAL REPORT here.

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