Vote for IOWA in the Buscaino Community Grants Program!

Ready? Set… VOTE!

Did you hear? We applied for Councilman Buscaino’s Community Grants Program and our application made it to the Community Voting phase!

We’re competing with 160 other local non-profits for a slice of a $3 million funding pie. You can read our full proposal, but here’s the gist of it:

The “San Pedro Fallen Veterans Memorial” was conceived by San Pedro native, Steve Marconi. It will be located adjacent to the historic USS IOWA on the Los Angeles Waterfront. The memorial will include a stunning three-slab granite monument with the names of all San Pedrans who died in WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. We have identified more than 160 names from WWII and another sixty from other conflicts.

The memorial will include a flagpole and lights so the American flag can proudly wave twenty-four hours a day. It will also include a “reflection space” with benches and shade where residents can pay homage to family members and loved ones, and visitors can be reminded of lives lost in service to our country.

Scroll down the page to find “San Pedro Fallen Veterans Memorial.”

Use “90731” zip code when voting – you are a stakeholder!



You can only vote for one proposal per Council District 15 area.  Ours is in San Pedro.  Awards will be determined by total number of community votes.

You must vote through the link provided in order to find us. Again, you’re only allowed one vote for a proposal in San Pedro – make it the San Pedro Fallen Veterans Memorial!

You always come through for Battleship IOWA when we need you. We’re counting on you; YOU hold the power to help us win this grant!

Click the VOTE NOW button below to show your support for Battleship IOWA and this memorial and tribute to our local heroes.

Questions? Email  Thank you for your support!



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