CEO Update June 22, 2021

Family and Friends:

Happy belated Father’s Day! Thank you to the crew that came out in force over the weekend to provide incredible experiences for our visitors. This past weekend was one of the few times that our attendance exceeded pre-pandemic numbers. We are happy to see the case numbers falling and the recovery in motion.

Yesterday, we held our quarterly board meeting and discussed recent accomplishments, our near-term goals, and the capital campaign for the National Museum of the Surface Navy. The board was complimentary towards the entire crew for their hard work and tremendous efforts. The team has been incredibly busy with the numerous projects that are occurring in support of opening the Surface Navy Museum in 2025.

The last six months of the year will include the opening of Vicky’s Doghouse and the Veterans Resource Center, hull preservation work, tour improvements, deck work, LA Fleet Week, Freedom of the Seas awards and gala, and crew additions to support the growth. Our volunteer crew has come back to bolster these efforts in numbers unmatched across the industry and we are most proud of all volunteers committing to return.

The Surface Navy Museum Plank Owner campaign will be one of our primary pushes as we work towards reaching the October 2025 goal of opening the museum. Your support and advocacy will be essential in spreading the word and growing the museum family to bring this museum to life. Signing up to become a Plank Owner is free and depending on your level of interest, you can be involved as much as you are able. By late this year, we will be launching the Haze Gray points-based benefits system, which will reward you with redeemable points for your involvement whether you are a donor, volunteer, or advocate.

In closing, thank you for your continued support. To get involved in the Surface Navy Museum, become a Plank Owner today and spread the word to your friends and family! To support the Veterans Resource Center by donating and adding your name to the welcome sign, click here.
Have a blessed week!

Jonathan Williams
President and CEO

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