CEO Update 17 August 2022


We are at the end of summer and the boost in museum attendance is beginning to wane, but despite the decreased attendance the ship is as busy as ever. Our expansion to support the community over the past several years has established the Battleship IOWA as a destination on the L.A. Waterfront. 

This week we are the centerpiece of a Law Enforcement / Firefighter Memorial Ride & Car Show, the Battleship IOWA Radio Club’s 10th anniversary BBQ, corporate events on Tuesday and Thursday, the weekly meeting of AA, and a wedding! 

This list doesn’t take into account our special tours including the Gun Tour, Engineering Tour, the new Escape the Ghost Fleet (mothball not ghosts) experience, and the numerous activities, programs, and outreaches that both our education and veterans teams perform daily.

As we plan and prepare for the National Museum of the Surface Navy expansion, we remain focused on our crew, donors, and supporters. Your feedback and advocacy have been essential in this essential evolution. 

Last Friday, we participated in the initial meeting with the selected designers to discuss the overall strategy and vision of the National Museum of the Surface Navy. What should it include? What is important to you as a guest and supporter? What resources will be necessary to open on October 13, 2025? How will we sustain ourselves for the future?

The board(s) and crew take their responsibility seriously in preservation, programming, and activation of the Battleship IOWA as a community platform and National Museum. They are deeply appreciative of knowing that they have your support when they approach the challenges of the day.

It is your backing that has made this crew and organization extraordinary, and it is your commitment that motivates me to be the best I can be. Your support and generosity has motivated me to become healthier, gain a hyper-focus on the National Museum expansion, and challenge myself daily to grow, learn, and become more mindful. Life is full of opportunity, and I am thankful that each of you have given me the opportunity to serve.

I close this shorter-than-usual message out with a challenge each of you: be the best that you can be daily. Enjoy the wonderful things life has to offer, expand your knowledge, support your community, be generous, protect your health, and be mindful of the moment.

As always, let me know your thoughts and feedback on how we can continue to improve this institution.


Jonathan Williams
President & CEO


P.S.  Congratulations to Nui Valleta for being promoted to Controller.

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Scuttlebutt Podcast | Episode 119

With the 210th anniversary of the infamous battle between the US Navy’s venerable grande dame, USS CONSTITUTION, and HMS GUERRIERE coming up on August 19, we thought it would be fun to have a conversation with Dr. Carl Herzog, public historian for USS CONSTITUTION Museum

We chatted about everything from bottom copper and cathodic protection to what constitutes “original” in ships that have led multiple service lives to the thing that hasn’t changed in hundreds of years of naval history: for humans going to sea, the ocean is always the  first adversary.

Find it wherever you get podcasts and here:
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Or click below to access the YouTube version.

Oh, and Carl’s photo in the thumbnail…? That’s CONSTITUTION’s keel over his head.

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